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«ACROSS» — solutions for industrial logistics

Project logistics services to Russia and СIS

About us

ACROSS - international logistics company founded in 2007.

Cargo - industrial equipment and special machinery

Projects are executed via 3 logistics hubs: St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Manchuria/Zabaikalsk.

Main specialization - we provide cargo delivery to remote regions, as well as complex services for industrial construction projects.

Why us ?
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Our specialists personally visit manufacturing plants, accept cargo and control loading and unloading procedures in ports and at railway stations.

Personal presence

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We have accumulated extensive experience in conducting large-scale industrial projects, including those in remote regions of Russia.

Project competences

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All the involved vehicles are tracked via a dedicated IT platform, information is provided to customers via a link online 24/7.

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We have been working in the project logistics market for over 13 years. The freight forwarder's liability is covered in the amount of 1 million dollars by the insurance provided by AlfaStrakhovanie Group.


Our services

Logistics for industrial construction
Delivery of equipment for construction and modernization of industrial facilities
Cargo delivery to remote regions
One-off delivery services and transportation on regular basis to some highly demanded destinations
Rail transportation

Terminals in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Manchuria/Zabaikalsk
Seaport service

Port freight departments in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok
Sea freight

RO-RO and regular Break Bulk services
Road transportation

Project transportation from Europe and across Russia. Own trawl fleet for oversized cargo transportation
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