Rail transportation of oversized cargo from St. Petersburg and Vladivostok: Epiroc, Terex, Cat

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For the past six months in ACROSS has accomplished multiple machinery and equipment deliveries. Many customers are shifting their logistics to the railway - heavy and oversized cargoes are shipped via railway in order to avoid potential difficulties in transportation by motorway. Major potential challenge of this delivery method is extended transit time, but our company minimizes possible delays: we invest in the expansion of our own base of schemes and sketches, and we also use rolling stocks on long-term rent terms which allows us to involve them promptly in any delivery.

One of our recent major deliveries was shipped from Saint-Petersburg to Fevralsk, Amur Region, and consisted of several Terex TA400 dump trucks. Having experience in such type of cargo deliveries, ACROSS's railway department arranged machinery delivery within the shortest time possible, for earlier we had already transported similar vehicles imported from England. Thus, the availability of ready-made circuits significantly accelerated the whole process.
In addition to the already proven delivery service from St. Petersburg, our railway dead-lock in Vladivostok is also actively developing. In spite of the fact that there are certain differences in the schemes of interaction with the railway between Primorsky krai and the Northwestern federal district, we constantly apply the experience of the St. Petersburg department to improve transportation routes and schemes from Vladivostok. The results of such cooperation are reflected in cargoes that our customers entrust us for delivery:

1. Epiroc DML drilling rig in dismantled form. The cargo, which came in sea containers, was unpacked and transported to a dead-lock, then it was shipped from Vladivostok to Chegdomyn. The size of the consignment was 14 cargo places with total weight of over 57 tons.
2. CAT 336 excavator - delivery to Novosibirsk. Scheme coordination, fastening and related services were provided without any third-party contractors being involved.
Rail transportation from St. Petersburg and Vladivostok is one of the key primary services provided by ACROSS. For more information about our resources and capabilities see Rail Transportation.
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