Transportation project of 18 forklifts

General route: Markaryd (Sweden) - port of Malmo (Sweden) - port of St.Petersburg (Russia) - Novorossiysk.

Total amount of the cargo: 18 loaders, 25 and 33 tons

All forklifts with attachments were delivered by vehicle to the port of Malmo. The attachments in roll trailers and the forklifts were loaded onto the ship, from where went to the port of St.Petersburg.

When the cargo arrived at the port, our specialists carried out the following work:
  • received transport documents;
  • inspected the equipment and took photographs;
  • handed over the documents to the customs broker for filing a declaration and releasing the goods for free circulation.
Trawls and semi-trailer trucks were delivered to the port for further transportation of the forklifts and the attachments equipment to Novorossiysk.
For more information about our resources and capabilities see 'Multimodal transportation'.