Oversized cargo delivery via railway: ACROSS delivered a 60-ton excavator to Verkhnezeysk for ELGAUGOL company.

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ACROSS successfully completed complex shipment of a Komatsu excavator frame.
Dimensions: 8430*4420*3325 mm, 60 tons.
Route: Tynda station - Verkhnezeisk settlement, Amur region.

The project is unique in terms of periods needed for approval and railway delivery of equipment with the sixth lateral oversize degree. Typically it takes 45 - 60 days to coordinate and ship such cargoes, but ACROSS managed to accomplish the project in 25 days! The RZD Special Transportation Department has agreed to consider the approval of the scheme according to a simplified procedure, as ACROSS has already had experience in delivering such type of cargo.
ACROSS is actively preparing for an increase in deliveries to Verkhnezeisk following modernization of the Elga coal complex, which will allow the project to increase production by 10 times by 2023.