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ACROSS - now in Vladivostok!
In May 2019, ACROSS finally opened its office in Vladivostok. The company has been forwarding cargo to the Far East for a long time, but until then it had not had a permanent representative office there.

In 2019-20, the main task of the office will be cargo forwarding by rail.

Main characteristics:

  • Shipments are dispatched from Pervaya Rechka station (code 981307).
  • The station has various types of loaders, gantry crane with loading capacity of 25 tons
  • The end ramp is used to load the rolling equipment
  • Specifically dedicated team for loading and securing, sawmill
  • Ability to load up to 11 platforms at a time

During the first six months of work, the office employees have already managed to implement several serious projects and strengthen primary railway service of the company. By opening a representative office, ACROSS plans to significantly solidify its position in the Far East.