Delivery of equipment from Yekaterinburg for the Big Ust-Ilimsk project.

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ACROSS accomplished first cargo deliveries to Ust-Ilimsk for the BIg Ust-Ilimsk project, one of the largest investment projects in Irkutsk region (Ilim Group operates an investor). The project provides for the establishment of a plant for cardboard and other packaging materials production with capacity of 600 thousand tons per year. In addition, a large-scale modernization of the existing production is to be carried out.

Most of the technological equipment is to be delivered to Ust-Ilimsk starting from the second half of 2020 until the end of 2021. Now the construction site is being arranged, for which ACROSS has delivered oversized observation towers with its trawls.
The Big Ust-Ilimsk project is one of ACROSS's strategic projects and it is planned to open a project office in Ust-Ilimsk by 2021 to coordinate equipment supplies.
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