Delivery of Skimair 1200 flotation machine to Natalka gold deposit in Magadan oblast.

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Across continues to accomplish cargo delivery projects to Magadan. One of the latest cases is Skimair 1200 SK-1200 flotation machine delivery for Natalka gold deposit in Magadan oblast.

The equipment was shipped from three different locations - Estonia, Finland and St. Petersburg. The full set of delivery - 7 containers 40'HC, as well as 4 oversized items - was consolidated in St. Petersburg for further shipment to Vladivostok by rail, where our branch organized transshipment and further cargo transportation to Magadan. Despite the pre-holiday period, the project was accomplished on time thanks to thorough planning and preliminary preparation works.

In the process of main consignment delivery we faced the necessity to ship additional components from Moscow, Finland and Estonia. Part of this equipment was loaded into containers in St. Petersburg, and the other part was urgently shipped by air to Vladivostok, where it was added to the main consignment.

Preparation and accomplishment of all stages of the project took 70 days in total.