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Logistics for industrial construction

ACROSS organizes delivery of equipment and building materials necessary for the construction and modernization of industrial facilities (production plants, mining and processing plants, coal plants, etc.).

We specialize in turnkey logistics: from delivery of the first shift camp to the final stage of facility completion.

Projects of this type require thorough planning and preparation, precise coordination and participation of highly qualified specialists.


ACROSS delivers equipment and building materials for construction and modernization of industrial facilities (factories, mining and processing plants, coal complexes, etc.)

►For each project we form a separate team which includes experienced logistics and customs clearance specialists, analyst and project manager (PM);

► PM is located mostly at the construction site and visits other supplier plants to develop optimal logistics schemes;

► For some projects we form a mobile project office near the construction site.


► Design department, which includes experienced specialists in project logistics and customs clearance

► Primary services for port forwarding and cargo shipment by rail from St. Petersburg and Vladivostok (more on shipping from St. Petersburg; more on shipping from Vladivostok)

► Company's own trawl fleet for oversized cargo transportation (more on ACROSS fleet)

Versatile solutions

The Client's needs in the construction of a facility are diverse: from urgent delivery of a small batch of spare parts to project international transportation of oversized equipment.

ACROSS offers a range of solutions:

► Establishing direct contact with the customer's subcontractors

► participation in development of transport schedules with manufacturing plants

► assistance in tracking delivery readiness times and matching cargo dimensions

► visits of specialists to loading and unloading facilities.

In ACROSS we have a considerable number of experts in logistics of standard and project cargoes, in customs registration, and engineers qualified in development of drawings and loading schemes.
ACROSS is equally committed to solving logistics problems of any scale that arise in the construction of industrial facilities.

Remote regions

Сargo delivery to remote regions requires mandatory presence and thorough understanding of the situation in each region. ACROSS develops this service through the implementation of actual projects of our current customers. Among the most popular destinations are Yakutia, Irkutsk region, Magadan etc.

Vehicle tracking

Transport monitoring is very important for the quality of the project implementation for the following reasons:

► delivery delay risk minimization;

► access to the information on cargo movement for correct planning of associated processes: unloading machinery, installation works, etc.

ACROSS uses a specialized IT service SENDO to monitor own and chartered vehicles and provides customers with information on each vehicle online.
In motor road transportation, tracking works even if the driver does not have internet/GPS due to the connection to cell towers.

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