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Rail transportation

ACROSS provides railway transport services of equipment and machinery on regular basis. We work at terminals in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok, and we also ship cargo directly from seaports.

ACROSS works as a primary railroad services supplier, providing qualified support of company's engineers, station brigades, as well as single bank account services.



► Specialized department of rail transportation located in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok

► Single bank account at Russian Railways (JSCo RZD), contracts with leading owners of rolling stock

► Brigades for loading and fastening

► Technical schemes and drawings developed by our staff engineers

► Contracts for direct shipments with ports of St. Petersburg and Vladivostok

Our capacities

Terminal in St. Petersburg
Terminal in Vladivostok
Terminal in Manchuria
Our terminal in Manchuria is used for cargo acceptance, consolidation and further shipment to Russia by rail. ACROSS has a permanent representative at the terminal.

Services: additional cargo measurement, weighing, marking, repackaging, fumigation of wooden packaging.

Throughput capacity of the terminal: 15 cars per day.

Address: Inner Mongolia Manzhouli City Auto Parts Street Wanbao Warehousing.

Name: Manzhouli Hongyun International Freight Transport Agency

Shipments are dispatched from St. Petersburg–Finlyandsky station (25 Mineralnaya St.).
► deadlock allows to work both with open rolling stock and with covered hoppers/containers;
► forklift and front loaders, 45t reachstacker for loading heavy equipment on platforms;
► separate track with end and side ramps for loading rolling equipment;
► indoor 1,200 m2 warehouse and outdoor area (up to 3,500 m2) for long-term storage are available for rent
► fully protected area with video surveillance and access control system in service

► Company's own sawmill, which allows to reduce time and financial costs of timber production and delivery
► Open areas for storage: 1,500 m 2 concrete deck for loading equipment and 2,000 m2 for long-term storage
►Covered storage areas; railway tracks and convenient access roads for automobiles allow to load cargo from cars to trains, as well as to store and consolidate cargo for further shipment.

Shipments are dispatched from the freight yard of Pervaya Rechka station.

► Access roads near port terminals
► Tracks are 800 m long, of which 150 m are for vehicle loading, which allows to load up to 11 platforms simultaneously
► Company's own locomotive, which reduces platform loading time to 1 day

► Ramp for end loading of machinery; ramp works with forklifts with different lifting capacities
► Gantry crane with loading capacity of up to 25 tons, which allows fast loading of long-length and piece cargo, as well as spare parts

Our Projects