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Delivery to remote regions

ACROSS delivers cargoes to the most remote regions of Russia.
We provide one-off delivery services as well as transportation on regular basis to some highly demanded destinations.

This page highlights ACROSS's best developed and proven delivery destinations for remote regions.

Difficult access to certain regions is determined primarily by the complexity of the route itself and can be affected by a wide range of factors: lack of bridges over rivers, periods of summer and winter navigation, motorway and rail infrastructure – and many more things to consider when planning transportation to such areas as, for example, Kropotkin and Pevek.

Our company uses its own primary services, as well as many years of experience and proven solutions in various parts of the country to offer quality services for both one-off deliveries and logistics services on a permanent basis in any direction.

For detailed information on company activities see below.


Magadan is a large port city in northeast Russia. Being the centre of mineral resources development of Kolyma region as well as a major area of mining equipment production, Magadan often becomes the initial or final delivery point for various types of cargo.

Despite the fact that P504 highway connects Magadan with the mainland part of Russia via Yakutsk, ferry service with Vladivostok is most often used to deliver equipment and other goods. The main reason for this is poor infrastructure of the Kolyma highway: first, in most of its sections there are various restrictions on the maximum vehicle weight, and secondly, it is necessary to cross the Aldan river near the village of Khandyga, which is possible to accomplish for only a few months in summer and winter.

Ferry service, on the contrary, is a stable and reliable route for transportation to Magadan: several sea lines and substantial port facilities allow to ensure cargo delivery just in time both for small consignments and for whole lots of cargo arriving from Russia and abroad. However, even here there are some restrictions: for example, the maximum weight allowed for transshipment in the port of Magadan is 55 tons, therefore, when transporting heavy equipment it is necessary to either arrange additional dismantling works or attract additional equipment for unloading.

ACROSS provides a full range of delivery services of oversized equipment and other cargo to Magadan, and we can develop and offer the best solution for any specific delivery.


ACROSS offers 3 main delivery options to Novaya Chara:

► for shipments from Europe, USA – via St. Petersburg;
► for shipments from Southeast Asia and South America – via Vladivostok;
► for delivery from China by land – via Zabaikalsk .

Large-scale and standard cargoes should be delivered via railway; for all kinds of oversized cargoes it is appropriate to consider mixed delivery options – with initial stage of delivery via motorway and subsequent reloading to the railway at a suitable deadlock.

It is possible to deliver almost any cargo weighing up to 250 tons, however in such cases it can take up to 2 months to coordinate the route.

ACROSS is the main forwarder of the Udokan project, thus offering a proven and stable delivery service to Novaya Chara.

Novaya Chara is an urban-type settlement in Kalarsky district of Zabaikalsky kray, where the largest deposits of coal, gold and copper are located. The main challenge of cargo delivery to Novaya Chara is the lack of a decent automobile highway. Therefore, all cargoes have to be delivered by rail or, in rare cases, by air.

Transportation to Pevek and other Arctic ports
Transportation to Pevek and other Arctic ports

The Northern Sea Route (NSR) is a year-round transport corridor that runs across the Arctic and Pacific oceans along the northern shores of Russia, connecting the European part of Russia with the Far East, as well as many other Arctic cities and settlements.

In recent years, due to the growing focus on mineral development programs in Russia's Arctic regions, an increasing number of industrial equipment and construction machinery have been delivered to such places as Pevek, Sabetta, Naryan-Mar and others. The main way of cargo delivery is the NSR: its almost year-round operation is provided by a whole fleet of icebreaking ships. The main players of the transport market in this region are: large shipping companies that operate their own fleet mainly accept general cargo consignments, relatively small forwarding companies that work with the above-mentioned shipping companies and consolidate cargoes for them, as well as Norilsk Nickel Company that has its own fleet and, in addition to delivery orders from its parent company, also accepts cargoes of private clients, and has, among other things, port calls in some European ports (this option might be particularly useful in certain cases).

It is to note that often crane loading capacities of Arctic ports are limited: for example, in Pevek maximum weight limit of the received cargo is 60 tons, and such consignments are to be unloaded only by twin cranes. In many respects, this restriction is compensated by the possibility to use ship cranes, but not every ship is provided with such equipment, thus projects which involve transportation of extra heavy cargoes require thorough preparation.

ACROSS regularly carries out projects via the Northern Sea Route, which enables us to deliver our customers' cargoes with minimal risk in the shortest time possible.

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