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Sea freight

Project sea freight is one of the main ACROSS directions of business activities. We provide regular machinery and equipment shipment services, as well as ship and barge chartering.

Most popular destinations: Europe – Saint-Petersburg; China - Vladivostok/Saint-Petersburg; Vladivostok - Magadan.

ACROSS also has experience in accomplishing non-standard projects from Chile, UAE, Korea, etc.

On the basis of direct contracts ACROSS has been cooperating with major ship owners and marine operators for a long time. This allows us to offer our Customers not only a choice of several routes and types of sea vessels, but also competitive rates and favourable sea freight terms.

ACROSS has many years of direct cooperation with all major shipowners and maritime operators and has a network of reliable partners around the world. This allows us to offer our Customers all kinds of delivery options under competitive conditions and with maximum reliability.
RO-RO transportation is one of the fastest and most cost-efficient options for sea consignments of self-propelled machinery, as well as static cargoes, which can be easily loaded on roll-trailers and placed in closed, weather-proof decks.

Regular Break Bulk services make it possible to move project vessels in the hold or on deck on a fixed schedule under competitive conditions.

Container transportation is often the most advantageous alternative for equipment and special vehicles delivery. Transportation of oversized items is carried out in special containers Flat Rack and Open Top. Container service is also well suited for the transportation of cargo consignments that combine both standard and oversized cargo types. An extensive worldwide network of sea container lines allows transportation from almost any port on the planet.

Transportation by linear services: Ro-Ro, Break Bulk and containers

*Main partners ACROSS

Across has extensive experience in large projects requiring chartering of sea and river-sea vessels, as well as specialized barges.

In addition to chartering individual vessels, we also provide Part Cargo services.

Cargo transportation is carried out with due consideration of safety requirements and with the involvement of modern and reliable fleet.

Сhartering of vessels and barges
*Main partners ACROSS
Our capacities
Transportation via St. Petersburg
Transportation via Vladivostok
Ports of our operations in the Northwest: Petrolsport, Rybnyy Port (Fishing Port), Pervyy Konteynernyy Terminal, Bronka, Ust-Luga.

Ports of our operation in Vladivostok: Commercial Port of Vladivostok, Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port, Pervomaysky sea port.
Our Projects