Seaport freight forwarding at Petrolesport and Bronka terminals in St. Petersburg

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The beginning of 2020 proved to be productive for ACROSS Intraport Forwarding Department. Several major projects were accomplished through St. Petersburg terminals. Integrated port services for arriving cargo are provided by the our own resources; among the items being handled are individual containers as well as whole lots of special equipment.

Since 2020 ACROSS has become the main forwarder of all Volvo construction equipment lines. The work is carried out at the Petrolesport Ro-Ro terminal, with cargo lots of up to thirty machinery items arriving simultaneously. The flow nature of delivery works has made it possible to fully automate the process of cargo handling - from survey on arrival to registration of transport control on departure from the port.
ACROSS also continues seaport freight forwarding at Bronka terminal. We received fourteen port Terberg tractors, accomplished customs clearance and shipped to different regions of Russia: Novorossiysk, Novodvinsk, Leningrad oblast. Some vehicles and machinery were originally designed for the needs of the port of Bronka.
Intraport forwarding in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok is one of the key primary services of ACROSS. For more details about our resources and capabilities see Seaport Service.