Transportation of mining equipment from Jebel Ali (UAE) to Kazakhstan

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Cargo - used mining equipment Komatsu.

4 vehicles were involved in the shipment of the batch: two PC1250 excavators, one HD785 mining dump truck and one D375 bulldozer.

Maximum cargo width – 5.63 m.

Total cargo weight – 355 tons, volume – 750 m3

1. Preparation phase
  • Dismantling of machinery in strict accordance with customer instructions
  • Packaging and labelling of all cargo areas
  • Arrangement of export customs clearance
  • Coordination of equipment delivery to the port
2. Delivery of equipment to the port, arrangement of loading and unloading operations
  • Transporting all the equipment to the port on short notice due to the holiday season (Eid Al-Fitr)
  • Arrangement of port cargo handling on weekends, minimizing costs associated with potential downtime of trawls
  • Optimization of cargo transshipment scheme (via warehouse)
3. Sea freight from Jebel-Ali to Novorossiysk
  • Selection of the most optimal solution taking into account customer's requirements on delivery terms
  • Finding appropriate ship owner, negotiating on freight terms.
  • Vessel chartering, getting favourable conditions for the client (transportation as partcargo under deck, coordination of fixed transit time).
  • Before loading on the vessel, cargo arrangement scheme is confirmed with the ship owner.
4. Unloading in Novorossiysk
  • Due to the large width of dump truck body it was possible to remove the cargo from certain terminals only.
  • Ship entry to the assigned terminal was in advance approved by the captain of the ship
  • A properly drafted contract (charter-partnership) enabled us to avoid vessel demurrage despite high workload situation at the port.
5. Delivery to final destination
  • Internal customs transit was arranged within the period not exceeding the norms of cargo aggregation at the port.
  • 7 low-frame trawls and 3 Euro trucks were used for road transportation.
  • All involved vehicles arrived to the technical inspection point in Kazakhstan simultaneously.