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Road transportation

For more than 10 years ACROSS has been carrying out transportation by chartered vehicles, having accumulated an extensive network of proven partners in Europe and throughout Russia. We put emphasis on oversized cargo and project cargo deliveries.

Since 2017, our company has been developing its own vehicle fleet. Now we use our vehicles for transportation of oversized cargo weighing up to 35 tons, and we are also planning to expand our fleet with higher capacity trawls.

► Project transportation from Europe and across Russia

► Transportation of standard and oversized cargo within the framework of multimodal projects

► Simultaneous mobilization of numerous vehicles for large projects

► Multiplevehicle deliveries with one-time arrival at customs

► Permit preparation for oversized and heavy cargo transportation

► Survey inspection of transportation route, road infrastructure adjustment

The freight forwarder's liability is covered in the amount of 1 million dollars.
Our capacities
Own vehicle fleet
Multiple vehicle delivery
Industrial construction projects
ACROSS organizes delivery of equipment and building materials necessary for the construction and modernization of industrial facilities (production plants, mining and processing plants, coal plants, etc.). We specialize in turnkey logistics: from delivery of the first shift camp to the final stage of facility completion.
For each project a separate team is formed, which includes leading managers in logistics and customs clearance, an analyst and a chief project manager (CPM).
ACROSS offers a range of solutions:
► establishing direct contact with the customer's subcontractors
► participation in development of transport schedules with manufacturing plants
► assistance in tracking delivery readiness times and matching cargo dimensions
► visits of specialists to loading and unloading facilities
This service requires special coordination with carriers and consignors, as failure or delay of one vehicle delays the entire batch delivery. ACROSS arranges multiple vehicle deliveries from Europe with one-time arrival at customs for up to 35 vehicles in one batch.
The ACROSS fleet consists of 15 vehicles for oversized cargo transport:
► 10 platforms with loading capacity of 21 tons
► 5 trawlers with lifting capacity of 35 tons, with ramps and expansion options (up to 25 metres).
Vehicles are located in Ekaterinburg, but are used for transportation throughout Russia.
Our Projects